PT Sentral Perkasa Teknik, the core business are not only Produce and supply products but also has gone to be servicing and maintenance products equipment of the range Industrial support, Marine & Offshore, and Commercial building which Involve :

  • Industy Of Equipment for Protection Safety.
  • General Trade Office and Industrial Machines, sparepart, and Accesories. Such as Starting Engine,turbines,wood and Metal Processing Machineries, Machinery Power Plant. Including the Large Trade of Robot Production, Trade and Navigation, and Computer Controlled-Machineries.
  • Major Trading Machines, Equipment and Other Equipment.
  • Great Trade of Sea Transportation Equipment,Sparepart and Accesories.
  • Trade of various Kinds of Goods
  • Reparation of Ships, Boats, and Floating Building including repair and maintenance services and modification of Ofshore Building.
  • Great Trade on Reply For Services ( Fee) or Contract
  • Other Management Consultation Activities
  • Computer and Managemenr Consultation Activities. Other Computer Activities.

PT Sentral Perkasa Teknik strive become the large trade & service leading company, mainly focus to support our local needed ( Indonesian Potential Customer) of the range Industrial support, Marine & Offshore, and Commercial building. We are thrive as our vission to be a competitive company, work together and build communication to help customers, to provide the best technical service solutions, repair, maintenance services and supply chain needs. Our goals  are to Maintain long-term business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit and partnership .

We promote our mission apply professionalism to grow into a healthy, high-quality company, and leads to ethics in doing business. We are Empowering of superior together with experience human resources in the fields, emphasize of individuals and teams capabilities , to provide optimal solutions and continuous improvement in achieving smooth operation / sustainable system. We Give customers high quality products and services.